What people say

Don't just take my word for it. Take these amazing PEOPLE'S words for it, too!

"Jess is a hugely passionate and driven individual that never stops trying to do the right thing for the business and its people. Jess enabled the UK talent team go from 0 to 1, overhauling processes and bringing in new initiatives but also ensuring Box's culture was maintained, and this remains no small task considering the pace of change.." - Roger Palmer, FD Thoughtspot

"I have worked with Jess on both developing policy and growing a diverse kickass engineering team at Wonderbly. She has excelled at both helping us grow into a company of over 100 staff who stay true to the company values of kindness and curiosity." - Alexander Handley, Lead Data Engineer

"Jess is one of my favorite talent leaders on the planet. She is passionate, dynamic, and endlessly creative, which translates into being an innovative problem-solver.


She is also deeply sensitive to culture, and an authentic culture carrier for every organization she joins.


I hope to have an excuse to work with her again soon!" - Leela Srinivasan, CMO, Survey Monkey

"Energetic and personable and two traits that Jess oozes. She is a fantastic asset to an organisation as she brings a 'get up and get things done' mindset to the table. Coupled with that, she is highly intelligent and is able to look at solving business situations from a perfect and different angle. She's a joy to work with." - Rob Simms, Google

"Jessica has been working closely with CharlieHR since 2016 and has been invaluable in the development of our company and product.


Jessica is one of those rare people you meet who is an inspiration to be around.  The amount of time and energy she gives to support a number of UK technology companies in her area of expertise is astonishing.


Being at the centre of the HR technology community in London, Jessica has had an enormous impact on our company by blogging, knowledge sharing and introductions via her network of founders and c-level executives." - Tom, Rob and Ben, CEO, CPO, COO & Co-founders of CharlieHR

"Probably the most organised person I've ever encountered, Jess is a key driving force in helping make Wonderbly the amazing place it is. 

Always approachable, smiling and ready to tackle literally any challenge thrown her way, her enthusiastic energy and engaging nature also go a long way in helping make her an outstanding public speaker and force to be reckoned with.

Not only would I highly recommend Jess, I'd welcome the opportunity to work with her again!"
- Adam Carolan, In-house Tech Recruiter

"She furthers UK Technology, and the start-up sector by encouraging growth, collaboration and co-operation within the ecosystem. Individuals like Jess are absolutely critical to a thriving technology ecosystem in this country. She's like a connecting node, positively impacting everyone around her and I'm certain there's much more to come from her. 


Jess really plays an important part in this particularly important niche, which looks after the very people in the ecosystem. 

" - James Routledge, CEO and Founder of Sanctus.io

"In our time working with Jessica she has exceeded our expectations and greatly
contributed to the design and implementation of our services."
- Carlos and Juan Lagrange, Sunlight.is CEO & COO

"Jess was an absolutely instrumental force at allplants. She grew our team, built out an office, created an insane amount of scaffolding for the business, and was there when I had any questions or concerns - all while also studying and attending classes for law school. She ultimately made my job as a manager and colleague easier. She's an incredible human who drives a ton of impact" - Laurel Grey, Head of Product, allplants

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